Useful Resources for Programmers and Web Developers

Useful Resources for Programmers and Web Developers


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In order for you to get that dream job that you have always wanted you need to have a good foundation of skills and experience. That won't just come out of no where you need to do research and get useful guidelines and resources to get you there. Whether you wanna be a programmer, web developer, data scientist any field you will need good mentors and tutors, people with experience that you need. After all Experience is the best teacher tt.jpg

Better Part !!

Now here come the better part, you don't need to do all that research by yourself because I made the work easier for you. All you need is prepare your time and get started to learn.
First and foremost if you waana become a Web Developer I would highly recommend you go by the following YouTube channels, they will guide you through each step of the way.


    147104564_413382776614360_926264645657544808_n.jpg As their motto goes: Learn to code and help non-profits. This is a non-profit organization that consists of an interactive learning web platform, online community forum, chat rooms, online publication. All this intend to make learning accessible to everyone. It's an open-source community owned by Quincy Larson since 2014. Check it out HERE
    147066462_343333523461191_384372657158329278_n.jpg Mosh Hamedani is a passionate and pragmatic software engineer specializing in web application development. He fell in love with programming at the age of seven. Personally I have interacted with his courses and are highly valuable and recommendable. Check it out HERE
  3. TRAVERSY MEDIA 147549824_716031192613012_2766078604913377006_n.jpg This channel features the best online web development and programming tutorials for all the latest technologies and much more. Check it out HERE
  4. DESIGN COURSE 146813954_700159413983010_7465442810283878192_n.jpg Owned by Gary Simon since 2010, Gary teaches frontend and backend development to an audience of more than 700k subscribers with videos over 800. He goes an extra mile to teach also on UI/UX skills using tools like Figma and Adobe XD. Check it out HERE
  5. DEV ED 147981224_3577367659043296_268070887801901181_n.jpg The channel is run by one Edward Simon, who has a great sense of humor so you know listening to him teach won't be boring. He covers frontend languages and libraries like JavaScript, Angular, React and backend runtime environments. He also teaches web design, 3D modelling and photoshop. Check it out HERE
  6. CLEVER PROGRAMMER 146741982_264388381870587_1859785103296878002_n.jpg He makes coding simple, fun and takes a project based approach. As an added benefit, he gives tips on how to make profit from your coding skills as a freelance developer. Check it out HERE
  7. WES BOS 147655602_3542023019226567_651152578533742569_n.jpg Wes is a guy behind the popular What the flexbox? and JavaScript30 course, which can be found on his YouTube channel. He creates free + premium courses and does a weekly podcast called Syntax. Check it out HERE
  8. FLORIN POP 146955157_141123361186150_3195899698850958339_n.jpg The purple guy, yeah I know he loves purple but he loves coding more. Good quality content on Web Dev, Frontend, Blogging and SEO. Also famously known for his 10 projects in 10 hours challenge. Check it out HERE

    Conclusion ๐Ÿ‘‹

    Am sure we have a tone of great tutors and coding channels, I could not be able to mention them all, I have just done but a few. Above is a list of the channels. Some I have personally used others am yet to. But I do promise to. Now it's time to put your life in order and get that job you have always wanted with the required skills. Go make your self proud and learn more ๐Ÿ˜Š :

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