Top Freelancing Tools [Early 2021]

Top Freelancing Tools [Early 2021]

At this early stage of the year it is the perfect time to set your professional goals to achieve on the long run, which is the best way to do it if not in the freelancing career world.

Freelancing is taking place more and more online. And that means you need good online tools to help you make your business a success. Here are some top tools that will help you grow in your freelancing career.

1 . Manage Contracts - Proposify
As a freelancer most of the time you will have to handle your marketing and writing proposal by your self to new clients. Doing it without help might be a little tiresome that's why you will need Proposify It makes everything simple even quote creation to earn you big deals

2 . Tracking Email - Mailtrack
Most of the time you will have to contact your clients through mails, how do you know if they got to open the emails or not. That's where MailTrack comes in. It helps show you all sent emails and if they were opened or not

3 . Password Management - 1Password
Password is a very confidential thing which should be kept well and as a secret, you wouldn't want to loose your password each time, So to keep all your password secure and in a trusted location use 1Password It secures and remembers all your passwords across all platforms

4 . Graphic Design - Canva
If your budget can not allow you to access Photoshop or Adobe the Canva should definitely work out for you, It has templated, images shapes everything at cost free all you need is to just drag and drop to create your designs.

5 . Project Management - Trello
Are you the kind of guy that can't manage their projects submissions on time, Well that should not bother you no more, with Trello which is by far the best project management tool that should be sorted.

6 . Note Taking - Evernote
As a freelancer many are the times random ideas may cross your mind and you might want to take note, with Evernote you can capture the ideas and thoughts in a variety of ways.

7 . Free Images - Pexels
Want free image, videos with no copyright issues, Pexels will be a big part for you high quality images taken by professional just laying there waiting for you to use them

8 . Autocorrect Text - Grammarly
Afraid of wrong spelling? Well worry no more go ahead and give Grammarly a try and see what changes it will make to your work.