Integrating Chatbot into your next project

Integrating Chatbot into your next project

Am sure by now we have all interacted with a different site where whenever we visit the site there is a pop-up at the bottom asking on how it can help us right,
Now that's an easier way to describe a chatbot, an online assistant programmed to help us with different tasks as programmed.
Most companies nowadays have turned to chatbots hence reducing the dependency on humans.
Person-to-person conversations can be long and may end up causing maybe conflicts among two people which may result in a bad reputation to the company, but with these bots, they are straight to the point, you ask a question, and they answer accordingly as instructed by its developer.

Perhaps you might be wondering, Do I have to create a chatbot for my website or channel? Well, now you don't. With lots of software companies today it's easier for you by the use of an Application Programming Interface (API).

Let's say for instance you are running a hotel or a business that has a booking service enabled, you may want your clients to do bookings early in advance and let the information be relayed back to you for recording.
To make this a success, we can add a chatbot that allows visitors on our site or page to do the booking there. And for our bot to work we will need an API integration, we have lots of companies with services, and you need the one that will perfectly suit your needs.
Let's have a look at the Spurwing API for instance. It allows you to add different functionalities into your projects, like appointment scheduling via voice command, isn't that amazing all you do is give commands via voice, and they are executed. Also you can embed a chatbot too,

Lets have a look how:

Alt Text For detailed documentation check out their GitHub for detailed documentation.

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