Coding A Comic/Jokes App Using Python

Coding A Comic/Jokes App Using Python

Am sure you are wondering how? well let me explain.. Have you ever been bored and thought to yourself what can I do to get away from this bored? Yap that's what happened to me. So this great idea came why don't I use my skills and entertain my self with listening to jokes, this time not from YouTube neither any other platform. Am going to build my own App and it's going to entertain me. So that's pretty much how it all began.

I needed to plan: Things that I needed

  • A code editor and a programming language(Python came in handy here)

  • I needed a source of the jokes, the python module pyjokes simplified all for me. Read more on pyjokes Here

  • and lastly a way to convert the speech to text, although we have many modules to this kind of job I decided to go with pyttsx3. Read more on pyttxs3 Here to see why I used it.

Now the fan part was to write the code and do the testing, but am not going to bore you with all the boring details what I will do is give you a link to check it out how I did all the coding and also the final product from my YouTube channel Code A Text to Speech Python App to Tell Jokes , and remember to subscribe