AWS re/Start - Cloud Computing for Beginners

AWS re/Start - Cloud Computing for Beginners

Learn AWS Cloud Skills

As technology continues to evolve, the need to acquire new skills is irresistible, especially when it comes to understanding the workings of cloud technology. For me, one of the skills has been to understand better the cloud and how it operates and AWS re/Start came in just at the right time.

You might be curious how I got into one of the best training programs. Well, it all started with a single post I came through on X (formerly Twitter). But first, let's shed some light on understanding what the AWS re/Satrt program is.

What is AWS re/Start?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) re/Start is not just a program, but a bridge to a new career path for people with little or no prior knowledge in the tech space. In particular, this program is a collaboration between AWS and the Ajira Digital Program aiming to equip learners with skills necessary for entry-level IT career opportunities through building knowledge, skills, and practical application of cloud-based technical skills.

As a participant who has been in the program for some time, I am always looking forward to the curriculum that so far has promised nothing but the best when it comes to topics of cloud computing. The program does not only offer instructor-led sessions but also interactive lab sessions as well as knowledge assessments to gauge the learner's progress.

My goals in this learning journey are pretty straightforward - to learn from experienced instructors, collaborate with fellow learners, and gain the skills that will help me navigate the field of cloud computing.

The Program Approach

As I mentioned earlier this program is instructor-led, meaning it's more of a class with an interactive approach that includes:

  • Daily Instructor-led discussions that total up to 3hrs

  • Application activities

  • Hands-on labs

  • Peer and class discussions

  • Professional skills practice and

  • Assessments.

In addition to this learning approach, the course also provided various materials such as slides, notes, and additional activity templates that help the learner build a work portfolio.

What to Expect from this Series

The program itself is a 12-week program and I intend to document the entire learning journey by giving daily updates on what I learn in the form of a detailed article.

My goal with this series of articles is to provide first-hand experience of the program by doing a reflection on the day-to-day challenges, lab sessions, and class experiences. My approach will be pretty simple:

  • Attend classes daily.

  • Attempt all the KCs and lab sessions

  • Record my progress and post it on my YouTube channel DevChallaneges.

If you are curious about the cloud computing space or just want to know more about the program stay tuned for updates as we get to learn together.

With that said, buckle up for a narrative that unfolds in the world of AWS re/Start, where each day brings me closer to a future fueled by the power of cloud technology.